"Keith Hines brings a fine, deadpan humour to Nick Masi and redefines what it means to be strong and silent."
- The Toronto Star
"Keith Hines has the necessary comic chops as the conflicted, and often-frustrated bass guitarist/vocalist, Nick Massi. Hines shines..!"
- sandiegostory.com
"Hines is striking and sweetly funny.."
- TheIdaho Statesmen
"…Keith Hines as hunky stagehand Stefan, who steals the show with a striptease.…"
- The Advocate >> Read the full review

"…Keith Hines is a boyishly handsome Lancelot … and you had no trouble believing he could make the queen swoon, even without performing a miracle or two…"
- Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"…Sprinkled into the drama and jousts are lovely moments, one of my favorites being when Lancelot describes his love for Ginny, in "If Ever I Would Leave You," which is performed with the utmost sincerity that is pivotal to make the audience sympathize for Ginny and Lancelot.."
- Network Pittsburgh.com

"…Pappas has cast the pivotal roles with highly talented, well-voiced and youthful performers. …Keith Hines inject[s] lots of energy and a suitable blend of idealism and naivete into [his] portrayal of Lancelot.."
- Pittsburgh Tribune Review

"…The three leads are all new to Pittsburgh, the Public and its intimate thrust stage, and audiences will be glad for having made their acquaintances."
- Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"…Upon meeting Lancelot (Keith Hines), in his hilarious introduction song "C'est Moi," the triple threat of Pappas' Camelot is complete. Tee, Burns, and Hines create a trifecta of talent, each as strong as the other, commanding the audience's attention and empathy. Each of them is a deeper blend then what's on the surface."
- Network Pittsburgh.com
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